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Change Environment Growth Life People Unity

Have the courage to go against the tide

By on February 22, 2020

“Have the courage to go against the tide of this culture of efficiency, this culture of waste. Encountering and welcoming everyone, solidarity—a word that is being hidden by this culture, as if it were a bad word—solidarity and fraternity: these are what make our society truly human.”
― Pope…


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Hope Jesus Life Love People

Each of us is necessary

By on February 17, 2020

“How wonderful is the certainty that each human life is not adrift in the midst of hopeless chaos, in a world ruled by pure chance or endlessly recurring cycles! The Creator can say to each one of us: “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you” (Jer…


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People Responsibility

Many seek to avoid any responsibility

By on February 16, 2020

“many lay people fear that they may be asked to undertake some apostolic work and they seek to avoid any responsibility that may take away from their free time.”
― Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel: Evangelii Gaudium


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Acceptance Compassion Freedom Hope Life People Responsibility

Expectations for the future

By on February 14, 2020

To see a ray of hope as well in the eyes and hearts of refugees and all those who have been forcibly displaced – a hope that is expressed in expectations for the future, in the desire for friendship, in the wish to participate in the host society through…


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Communication Compassion Love Patience People

People are looking for someone to listen to them

By on February 11, 2020

“People are looking for someone to listen to them. Someone willing to grant them time, to listen to their dramas and difficulties. This is what I call the “apostolate of the ear,” and it is important. Very important. I feel compelled to say to confessors: talk, listen with patience,…


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Fellowship Joy People

An evangelizing community

By on February 9, 2020

“Finally an evangelizing community is filled with joy; it knows how to rejoice always.”
― Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium: The Joy of the Gospel


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Life People

God never allows us to be overwhelmed

By on January 28, 2020

How many difficulties are present in the life of every individual, among our people, in our communities; yet as great as these may seem, God never allows us to be overwhelmed by them.

– Pope Francis


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Change Compassion Economic Justice People Renewal Repair Unity

The creation of a new mindset

By on January 23, 2020

“You yourselves give them something to eat!” (Mark 6:37). This means working to eliminate the structural causes of poverty and to promote the integral development of the poor, as well as small daily acts of solidarity in meeting the real needs we encounter. Something more than a few sporadic…


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Church Fellowship Music People Unity

Everyone brings their own gifts

By on January 17, 2020

The church is like a great orchestra in which there is a great variety. We are not all the same, and we do not all have two be the same. We are all different, varied, each of us with our own special qualities. And this is the beauty of…


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Acceptance Indifference Lifestyle Love People

Dare to really see people

By on January 2, 2020

“Tell me, when God looks at a gay person, does he endorse the existence of this person with love, or reject and condemn this person?” If we dare to really see people, in their dignity and humanity, then we shall discover the right words to say.”
― Pope Francis, …

Pope Francis Tweets

Let us pray to the Lord that he may move hearts and that all may overcome the logic of confrontation, hatred and revenge in order to rediscover themselves as brothers, children of one Father. #Bari2020