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Communication Failure People Responsibility

6 Diseases of Leadership

By on February 26, 2021

1-Forgetting to relax & not taking time to recharge

2-not maintaining a sense of balance and interconnectedness with oneself- contributes to anxiety, chaos and confusion

3-becoming too self-absorbed and neglecting to foster interpersonal relationships

4-expressing yourself in an intimidating manner- no being warm or smiling or friendly

5-engaging in gossip & rumors

6-losing flexibility…


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Economic Justice Environment Indifference People Responsibility

Climate change is a global problem with grave implications

By on February 23, 2021

“Climate change is a global problem with grave implications: environmental, social, economic, political and for the distribution of goods. It represents one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our day. Its worst impact will probably be felt by developing countries in coming decades. Many of the poor live…


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Beliefs Church Faith People

The church enables us to encounter the mercy of God

By on February 20, 2021

First… The church is Catholic because she is the space, the home in which the faith is proclaimed to us in its entirety, in which the salvation brought to us by Christ is offered to everyone. The church enables us to encounter the mercy of God, which transforms the…


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Family Lifestyle Love Marriage People

Marriage: God’s Image

By on February 18, 2021

“God’s image is the married couple, a man and woman, together. Not just the man. Not just the woman. No, both of them. That’s God’s image.”
― Pope Francis


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Beliefs Holy Spirit People

The apostles were simple people

By on February 15, 2021

“Let us not forget that the apostles were simple people; they were neither scribes nor doctors of the law, nor did they belong to the class of priests. With their limitations and with the authorities against them, how did they manage to fill Jerusalem with their teaching (see Acts…


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People Unity Worship

We are part of the one flock of Christ

By on February 10, 2021

To hold “synod” means to walk together. To belong to a people walking, journeying through history together with our Lord, who walks among us! We are not alone; we do not walk alone. We are part of the one flock of Christ the walks together.
– Pope Francis, The Church…


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Beliefs Growth People Success Truth

Individual gain and personal ambitions

By on February 9, 2021

“We should recognize how in a culture where each person wants to be bearer of his or her own subjective truth, it becomes difficult for citizens to devise a common plan which transcends individual gain and personal ambitions.”
― Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel: Evangelii Gaudium


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Acceptance Compassion Freedom Hope Life People Responsibility

Expectations for the future

By on February 8, 2021

To see a ray of hope as well in the eyes and hearts of refugees and all those who have been forcibly displaced – a hope that is expressed in expectations for the future, in the desire for friendship, in the wish to participate in the host society through…


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Life People

God never allows us to be overwhelmed

By on February 7, 2021

How many difficulties are present in the life of every individual, among our people, in our communities; yet as great as these may seem, God never allows us to be overwhelmed by them.

– Pope Francis


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Economic Justice Freedom Indifference People

Today is a day of tears!

By on February 1, 2021

To this world it doesn’t matter that there are children dying of hunger; it doesn’t matter if many families have nothing to eat, do not have the dignity of bringing bread home; it doesn’t matter that many people are forced to flee slavery, hunger, and flee in search of…

Pope Francis Tweets

All of us are specialists in crucifying others to save ourselves. Jesus, instead, allowed himself to be crucified, to teach us not to shift evil onto others. #Lent