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He closes himself off from God’s surprises

By on October 12, 2021

Conduct typical of the scholars of law, hypocrisy in them, a formal adherence to the law that hides very deep wounds. Devout from the outside, but inside, on the inside… hypocrites. These are men who live attached to the letter of the law but who neglect to love; men who only know how to close doors and draw boundaries.

The attitudes of those who tie up heavy burdens and lay them on other man’s shoulders, but who are unwilling to move so much as a finger; they are those who love the place of honor and want to be called master. This conduct comes when a person loses the sense of awe for salvation that has been granted to him. When a person feels a little more secure, he begins to appropriate faculties which are not his own, but which are the Lords. The awe seems to fade, and this is the basis for clericalism or for the conduct of people who feel pure. What then prevails is a formal adherence to rules and to mental schemes. When awe wears off, we think we can do everything alone, that we are protagonists. And if that person is a minister of God, he ends up believing that he is separate from the people, that he owns the doctrine, that he owns power, and he closes himself off from God’s surprises.
– Pope Francis, The Name of God Is Mercy


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I express my closeness to the thousands of migrants, refugees in Libya: I never forget you; I hear your cries and pray for you. We are all responsibile for these our brothers and sisters, who have been victims of this serious situation for too many years. Let us #PrayTogether.