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Jesus touched the leper and brought him back into the community

By on October 20, 2021

Moses states that lepers had to be excluded from the city and from the encampments in places that were deserted, cast out, and declared impure. In addition to suffering from the illness, they faced exclusion, marginalization, and loneliness. Being punished for his sins. The intention of the law that pitilessly cast out the leper was to avoid contamination: the healthy needed to be protected.

Jesus says that we should forgive seventy times seven: the important thing is to return frequently to the source of mercy and grace. Jesus moves according to a different kind of logic. At his own risk and danger he goes up to the leper and he restores him, he heals him. In doing so, he shows a new horizon, the logic of a God who is love, a God who desires the salvation of all men. Jesus touched the leper and brought him back into the community. He didn’t sit down at a desk and study the situation, he didn’t consult the experts for pros and cons. What really mattered to him was reaching stranded people and saving them, like the Good Shepherd who leaves the flock to save one lost sheep. Then, as today, this kind of logic and conduct can be shocking, it provokes angry mutterings from those who are only ever used to having things fit into their preconceived notions and ritual purity instead of letting themselves be surprised by reality, by a greater love or a higher standard.

– Pope Francis, The Name of God Is Mercy


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