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The church enables us to encounter the mercy of God

By on June 6, 2020

First… The church is Catholic because she is the space, the home in which the faith is proclaimed to us in its entirety, in which the salvation brought to us by Christ is offered to everyone. The church enables us to encounter the mercy of God, which transforms the fullness of the sacramental life, and the authenticity of the ordained ministry. What is needed to believe, to live as Christians, to become holy, and to journey to every place and to every age.
– Pope Francis, The Church of Mercy


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Pope Francis Tweets

Those who love may be sure that none of their acts of love will be lost, nor any of their acts of sincere concern for others, nor any single act of love for God, nor any generous effort, nor any painful endurance. All of these enfold our world like a vital force. #FratelliTutti