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The most important thing is to walk together

By on January 14, 2021

Walking with our people, sometimes in front, sometimes behind, and sometimes in the middle. We walked in front in order to guide the community, in the middle in order to encourage and support, and at the back so that no one likes too far behind, to keep them united. There is another reason too: the people sent out, discover, new ways to walk; they have to consider what the Holy Spirit is saying to the laity, to the people of God, to everyone.

But the most important thing is to walk together by working together, by helping one another, by asking forgiveness, by acknowledging one’s mistakes and asking for forgiveness, and also by accepting the apologies of others by forgiving.

– Pope Francis, The Church of Mercy


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Pope Francis Tweets

During the Season of #Lent, the Holy Spirit drives us too, like Jesus, into the desert (Mk 1:12-15). It is not a physical place, but rather an existential dimension in which we can be silent and listen to the word of God, so that a true conversion might be effected in us.