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There are no situations that they cannot get out of

By on April 23, 2021

I greatly enjoy hearing children confess, because they say what really happened. They know what they did was wrong. When someone relapses and commits the same sin and suffers because of it, when they have a hard time getting back on their feet. Many humble people confess to having fallen again. The most important thing is not that they should never fall along the way. The important thing is always to get back up, not to stay on the ground licking your wounds. The Lord of mercy always forgives me; he always offers me the possibility of starting over. He loves me for what I am, he wants me to raise up, he extends his hand to me. This is one of the tasks of the Church:  to help people perceive that there are no situations that they cannot get out of. For as long as we are alive it is always possible to start over, all we have to do is let Jesus embrace us and forgive us.
– Pope Francis, The Name of God Is Mercy


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Keep in mind on his feast day what Saint #JohnPaulII said to us: "Be vigilant so that nothing might separate us from the love of Christ: neither false slogans, nor erroneous ideologies, nor caving into the temptation to fall into compromises with what is not of God".