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The Lord wants us to belong

By on March 28, 2021

When you have the strength to say, “I want to come home,” you will find the door open. God will come to me you because he is always waiting for you. God embraces you, kisses you, and celebrates. That is how the tenderness of our heavenly father is. The Lord wants us to belong to a church that knows how to open her arms and welcome everyone, that is not a house for the few, but a house for everyone, where all can be renewed, transformed, sanctified by his love – the strongest and the weakest, sinners, the indifferent, those who feel discouraged or lost.

– Pope Francis


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Pope Francis Tweets

The Lord does not want us to keep thinking about our failings. He wants us to look to Him. In our failings He sees children to help up; in our misery He sees children in need of His merciful love. #DivineMercy