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Sin can lead to corruption

By on April 7, 2020

The repentant sinner, who sins again and again because of his weakness will find forgiveness if he acknowledges his need for mercy. The corrupt man is the one who sins but does not repent, and it is this double life that is scandalous. The corrupt man does not know humility. Sin can lead to corruption, limit one’s capacity for love and create a false sense of self-sufficiency. One may be a great sinner and never fall into corruption. The corrupt man hides what he considers his true treasure, but which really makes him a slave and masks his vice with good manners, always managing to keep up appearances.
– Pope Francis, The Name of God Is Mercy


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Just as before our birth, our loved ones awaited us, so now Love in person awaits us. If we are awaited in Heaven, why should we be caught up with earthly concerns? Why should we waste time complaining about the night, when the light of day awaits us?