Forgiveness Sin

The consolation of forgiveness

By on March 2, 2021

“He waits. Always. And it is never too late. That’s what he’s like, that’s how he is… he’s a father. A father waiting at the doorway, who sees us when we are still far off, who is moved, and who comes running towards us, embraces us, and kisses us tenderly… Our sin is like a jewel that we present to him to obtain the consolation of forgiveness… Giving a gift of jewels is a noble thing to do, and it is not a defeat by a joyous victory to let God win!”
– Pope Francis, The Name of God Is Mercy


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Hope would have us recognize that there is always a way out, that we can always redirect our steps, that we can always do something to solve our problems. #SeasonofCreation #LaudatoSi